Snow King Summit Observatory

Summer 2020

Working directly with Wyoming Stargazing director, Samuel Singer, to develop the Snow King Summit Observatory. At the moment, the project is worked into the Phase II Development Plan for Snow King Mountain Resort.

As of the initial planning stages, the proposed size of the mirror for the telescope that will be housed in the observatory will be a full meter wide, nearly double Wyoming Stargazing’s current 20″ scope. This will allow for substantially better viewing of deep space objects. It will also have enormous benefits to the community, such as having a completely new option for family activities after dark, while also encouraging scientific literacy and development through hands-on experience with astronomy. Kids growing up here in Jackson Hole are already blessed enough to live in such a rich natural environment, and now they’ll learn just how important the objects in the night sky are as well.

Dark Sky Initiative

  Snow King Summit Observatory would directly promote a dark sky initiative.  Jackson Hole will continue to grow, but we can decrease it’s future impact on wildlife and ecosystems by promoting a dark sky initiative. Our wildlife depends on Earth’s daily cycle of light and dark to respond to life-sustaining behaviors such as reproduction, nourishment, sleep, protection from predators, and migration.