Repair Wildlife Ecosystems

Restoring a River Ecosystem with Data Driven Vegetation

February 25, 2017

Orginal Article : How Big Data Could Find Simpler Cheaper Ways to Repair Wildlife Ecosystems Written By : Adele Petres Summary : A precedent for data driven design, specifically in regards to restoring local ecology. The issue pertains to a sewage treatment plant warming stream water, thus disturbing an ecosystem ( cold-blooded fish ). The solution was ...


Responsive Design Considers a Cyclical Iteration Process

February 06, 2017

Original Article : PRACTICING AT THE NEXUS OF SCIENCE & DESIGN Written By : American Society of Landscape Architects Summary : Project research can predict the outcome of ecological conditions. We should be documenting a project with quantitative and qualitative data. Rather then using a linear design process (like in architecture), we should consider ...

Cache Creek Trail Run

Value of Wild Places

September 14, 2016

"John Muir was right, there needs to be Wild Places where people can go and reconnect with what's truly important; finding something that makes us feel human again and, to touch a part of ourselves that has been lost in this digital 21st Century. More than ever before in human memory, it will become increasingly important for mankind to experience Mother Nature in ...