Art of Architecture

April 30, 2017

Orginal Article : Art or Architecture? 13 Projects that Blur the Boundary Written By : ArchDaily / Ariana Zilliacus Summary :   As I am working on a sculptural planetarium with Natalie Clark, I can not help but smile at this post. The concept of architecture / art has certainly bonded Natalie and I over the past year or so. We started with a ...

Repair Wildlife Ecosystems

Restoring a River Ecosystem with Data Driven Vegetation

February 25, 2017

Orginal Article : How Big Data Could Find Simpler Cheaper Ways to Repair Wildlife Ecosystems Written By : Adele Petres Summary : A precedent for data driven design, specifically in regards to restoring local ecology. The issue pertains to a sewage treatment plant warming stream water, thus disturbing an ecosystem ( cold-blooded fish ). The solution was ...


Responsive Design Considers a Cyclical Iteration Process

February 06, 2017

Original Article : PRACTICING AT THE NEXUS OF SCIENCE & DESIGN Written By : American Society of Landscape Architects Summary : Project research can predict the outcome of ecological conditions. We should be documenting a project with quantitative and qualitative data. Rather then using a linear design process (like in architecture), we should consider ...