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The new Red Oxx building connects the relationship between the industrial district and raw nature of the surrounding crags. The architecture reflects nature’s geometries by using color, textures, and shades to create an inviting space to work and live.  
The Red Oxx warehouse celebrates the “industrial spirit” of the district by visually addressing a prominent street corner.   A passerby can therefore experience Red Oxx’s inventory activity. The more refined programs such as retail, office space, and residential have been strategically placed along the southern wall. This orientation provides greater daylighting, connection to the common space below, and convenient parking access. 
In keeping with Red Oxx’s design philosophy, the site delivers the most with less. A communal terrace space is shared among property tenants, while a passive urban plaza welcomes anyone looking for an outside lunch opportunity.
The new Red Oxx building fosters communications as well as the exchange and relations among workers. The warehouse is opened to the office suite, and easily visible from the street. An open plan allows for quality daylighting and air circulation, throughout the building. To acoustically control this open space, interior geometric paneling, similar to that of the exterior  facade, has been installed. Geometrical properties scatter sound energy, as opposed to flat surfaces.
Resembling Red Oxx products and values, this building has been designed for user experience. Quality design imparts a value greater than the product itself. This value is essential to building a strong legacy for Red Oxx Manufacuring.
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