Design : Natalie Clark + Jakub Galczynski

The genesis behind Plume was to provide a sculptural architectural space that is open and welcoming for public gatherings, concerts, theater, exhibits and education. A multi-use space dedicated to expression.

Plume is large and airy, tented to resemble the natural form of a bird’s wing. Separating the two-wing structure in Plume allows for mobility of the pavilions sculptural space, responsive to both large and small gatherings. The overall surface is composed of various triangulated shades, that respond to both form and function. The coloration within the pavilions layers represents an interpretation of native bird field marks or plumage palette. If provided design development, the project will further investigate concepts in biomimicry. Such strategies, would allow design efficiencies and investigations of responsive behaviors to site context and solar orientation. The design team has collaborated in the past with a local non-profit. That project required specific program requirements, grant writing and meeting a fixed deadline. The project was completed and tested a week prior to the it’s debut.

The design team has been developed by a shared passion for natural and artistic geometry. The success lies in merging the two separate backgrounds of sculpture and architecture. Together they explore new scales and forms of art. The team has numerous connections to local and non-local builders, fabricators and material resources. These are critical in meeting project budget and timeline.

The team recognizes that it is our mountains, flowers, and wildlife that brings visitors to Jackson, Wyoming. Therefore inspiration from our native birds seemed beautiful and appropriate.