Museum of Fabrication


Location: Manhattan, New York
Type: Academic – 2010
Professor: Barry Newton

Pinned up to the Highline in  Manhattan’s Chelsea district, the project parallels progressive architecture and modern art, influenced by divergent thinking. The museum focuses on the public’s perspective of space. the building’s outer skin was derived from six specific perspectives found within the site. The perforated metal skin wrap’s the museum representing a division between the art and surrounding environment. The concept of the interior can be defined as space outside of space ;  also perceived as a place off the grid of real-world maps, and hence outside the focus of social and political production,” Although the idea of ’space outside of space’ cannot be created in form, the museum of modern art’s experience iwas designed to be inseparable from movement through space.

*Dorinda Outram, New Spaces in Natural History



NY.Details.2013 NY.Interior.2013   NY.Elevation.2013NY.Model.2013


NY.Plans1.2013 NY.Plans2.2013NYquote.2013