Jakub Galczynski is a Project Manager at Farmer Payne Architects. He is drawn to the poetic and theoretical aspects of the design practice. Jakub grew up studying Sculpture and Architecture in Chicago, IL. He attended Montana State University from 2005-2012, before starting his career in Jackson, WY. He recently returned to the community of Bozeman in 2018. Jakub also has a passion for sculptural work. Although he does not produce work in this media, he admires public art. Jakub currently serves as a Board Director at the Gallatin Art Crossing, a non-profit focused on selecting and placing sculptures throughout the Bozeman area.

In recent years, Jakub has been seeking opportunities to incorporate concepts of ecosystem. He has developed a planetarium for Wyoming Stargazing, with a dark sky initative. In addition he has designed bat house in collaboration with Bat Conservation International. Jakub particularly enjoys birding and is currently exploring ways to strengthen communities interest in birds. He believes design can be a social tool, to promote the enjoyment of nature and emphasize community values in conservation. All in all, this would be an opportunity to restore the balance between people and nature.



2018 Brendsel Barn Residence (Alta,WY)

2017 RSVP Motel (Bozeman,MT) . Victor Cottage Court (Victor,ID)

2016 Design & Drafting : Arrow Root Residence (Victor, ID) . Moose Head Ranch (Moran,WY) . Boys & Girls Club (Sydney,MT) . Wild Mustang Residence (Driggs,ID)

2015  Project Manager : Brooks Lake Lodge Observatory (Dubois, WY) . Dark Sky Pavilion (Jackson, WY) .  Snow King Observatory (Jackson, WY) . Blue Lake Residence (Alpine, WY)

2014 . Design & Drafting : Linn Cabin (Wilson, WY) . Huntsman Springs (Driggs, ID)

2013 . Assistant Project Engineer : Bar BC Ranch Residence (Jackson, WY)

2012 . Design & Drafting : Stio Flagship Store (Jackson, WY) . King St Residence (Jackson, WY) .