The intent of this webpage is to organize research and thoughts, regarding the promotion of community focused ecological observation.  Jakub Galczynski views design as a social tool, to strengthen a community’s understanding of nature. Many are inspired by nature, however not everyone takes the time to observe it’s ability to adapt, optimize, self-organize and etc. Jakub is not an ecologists, but is eagerly learning.  Most often, Jakub seeks professionals with greater experiences in the fields of ecology to influence his work. He values environmental initiatives and believes they can achieve greater impact through design. Jakub’s current interests lie in astronomy and wildlife observation.



Jakub Galczynski is a member of Love Schack Architecture , a design team specializing in natural materials and high performance building systems. Apart from the architecture practice, Jakub explores topics such as natural geometry, biomimicry, responsive behaviors, structural optimization, form, energy and etc. The intent is to find smarter and healthier environmental solutions for design.

‘ It’s already more than a decade since we stepped into the new millennium accompanied by the sound and fury ushered in by globalization: sustainability and the global market economy. Architecture is one of the last disciplines that is still caught in the dogmatic slumber of the Ptolemic regime and refuses to move into the world defined by emerging mathematics and the science

… Sad to say, much of the stuff that’s going on in digital architecture will look dated in a few years if not already for some, because most of these designs rely on ready-made functions within software programs that are deployed repeatedly with little thought given to them. Genuine creative novelty is not about emulating stylistic trends … instead it is the irruption into the normative sphere of architecture something that touches on the condition of truth :: generic fidelity to the infinite.

The analysis of a site and its context to uncover immanent forces as if they are ‘absolutely’ pertinent and necessary to the site is an endeavor that verges, if taken to its extreme, on fabricating a ‘mythology of the place’.  – Karl Chu 10.18.12



At age eleven Jakub Galczynski developed a research project titled ‘ Aerodynamics of Architecture’ in which he constructed and tested various skyscraper forms, using a wind tunnel. The outcomes developed an interest in studying architectural design. Jakub attended Glenbrook North High School. Here he was exposed to Chicago architecture, a traditional drafting table, and CAD. In these early years, Jakub studied the works of Antonio Gaudi, Alvar Aalto, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Louis Sullivan. This would later shape his design interests. On weekends Jakub would attended design courses provided by the Art Institute of Chicago and Newhouse Program.

In  2005, Jakub enrolled into the Montana State University  Architecture Program. When Jakub was not in the studio, he was out rock climbing and exploring rock formations. Upon graduation Jakub Galczynski moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to begin his architectural career. 

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