Jakub Galczynski

The intent of this webpage is to organize research, regarding designs of outdoor observation design.  Jakub Galczynski views design as a social tool, to promote natural experiences and educate a community of surrounding wildlife.  Most often, Jakub seeks professionals with greater experiences in the fields of ecology to influence his work. He values environmental initiatives and believes they can achieve greater impact through design. Jakub’s current interests lie in astronomy and wildlife observation.

Jakub Galczynski is a member of Love Schack Architecture , a design team specializing in natural materials and high performance building systems. Apart from the architecture practice, Jakub explores topics such as natural geometry, biomimicry, responsive behaviors, structural optimization, form, energy and etc. The intent is to find smarter and healthier environmental solutions for design.


At age eleven, Jakub Galczynski used a wind tunnel to research ‘Aerodynamics of Architecture’. His project developed a passion for design and form. In high school, Jakub was exposed to historic Chicago architecture, traditional drafting methods and CAD. Jakub enjoyed studying historic architects such as  Mies Van Der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright and personal favorite, Louis Sullivan. Weekends consisted of design courses at the Art Institute of Chicago and IIT – Newhouse Program.

In  2005, Jakub enrolled into the Montana State University – Architecture Program. After receiving a degree in Environmental Design, he moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and began his career. Jakub continues to research ‘form follows nature’ in various scopes. His current interest is in landscape design and nature observatory archetypes. 


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